Artist / Designer / Writer

About me

I live on the edge of the Rockies in Colorado, and design is my passion. I’ve worked in IT, Communications, and Marketing utilizing my skills over the years, finally finding my home in freelance.

Since my break from corporate, I have been designing and creating digital artwork, among other things.

I am an acting host character for an upcoming cable series.

I’ve written and published over 25 books, under my name and different pseudonyms. I did all the book design, artwork, and related social media images. Front and back? Paperback? No problem. I understand the process. 

I’ve written, produced, filmed, and been in over 50 episodes of a successful YouTube series. For this project, I created all the artwork for the show as well, long with the supporting social media images.


Whether you are working on a video, book, or social media project, I am capable, and open to what you need, and I am always looking for new and exciting projects!


University of Denver - Marketing / Fine Art

Rocky Mountain School of Photography

Adobe Suite


Photoshop 90%
Portraiture 90%
Illustrator 90%
InDesign 85%
WordPress 90%
After Effects 75%


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